i'm tired (vent) 08/07/2023

i dont even know how to put how im feeling into words, and i just know im gonna look back at this and cringe. however, im tired of my parents. which is kinda cliche for a teenager to say but im being 100 percent legit when i say they might be the most annoying fustrating people ive ever known. they keep arguing like children to the point where I have to get involved and yell at them to shut the fuck up or something.

especially my mom, who claims to care about me and 'be my cheerleader', but she doesnt even listen to me at all. one time she even told me that i should be more 'normal' and 'dress like the normal girls' when i wanted to go to hot topic or something to get clothes. she also screams at me for such small shit, its insane. just now, i bumped into an air conditioner we placed in our dining room, and she berated me. and then, my dad had to get involved and it turned into a giant fucking shitshow, my dad threatening to hit my mom at one point.

i cant wait until im 18.